About Schloeffel General Services  

Schloeffel General Services was founded in 1993.

We have come a long way with technology from the early days.  It has been hard, but we have built a team of people that can help you to grow and understand the world of Technology as it is today.

At SGS we work under the motto, that an unhappy user / sick computer is and can be made a happy user / healthy computer.

We are here to assist you from a single computer at home, to a full on network both in LAN or WAN system, our engineers can help you design and install a complete package at the lowest cost to you.

We are a Total IT & T Solution, we can give you what you require to start and grow your operation.

Like many of our clients they started out with a call us, from a single computer total full of data to capable running offices, around Australia and overseas.

So look at what we can do for you.  Our team, at SGS, are waiting to assist you.