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Powering a Connected Asia

Imagine if you could harness the power of Asia. Direct and gather an extraordinary flow of knowledge and insight from across this vast region. Interconnect deep pools of talent, data, and content. All with seamless and assured performance. What could you accomplish?

Pacnet is more than a leading telecom and Internet provider. We are purpose-built to enable you to connect Asia in transformational ways. To elegantly bridge the national, cultural, and technological barriers that can routinely sap your momentum and waste resources. To provide you with an adaptive organisation and infrastructure that delivers just the right mix of pan-Asian connectivity with reliability, value and efficiency.

Imagine what you could accomplish with that power.

Imagine what we can do together.

Pacnet. Powering a Connected Asia.


With the merger of Asia Netcom and Pacific Internet we have created Asia’s leading independent telecommunications service provider with the largest regional footprint and the region’s most extensive sub-sea cable infrastructure.

Pacnet is all about Asia

Against a backdrop of explosive economic growth and increasing bandwidth demand in Asia is Pacnet, the region’s largest independent telecommunications service provider, born out of the recent merger of Asia Netcom and Pacific Internet.

The former Asia Netcom has its roots in Asia Global Crossing’s US$2 billion investment in building a next generation network, EAC, to connect key markets in Asia. In 2003, the company was bought by a consortium led by China Netcom. With industry-leading growth and an unsurpassed portfolio of enterprise and carrier solutions, Asia Netcom sold to Connect Holdings in 2006 and, in 2007 merged with C2C, another cable network owned by the same investor group. Leveraging these strategic assets, the company owns the region’s leading pan-Asian submarine network and provides a comprehensive portfolio of city-to-city connectivity, data communications and IP-based solutions and services.

The former Pacific Internet Limited was the largest telco-independent Internet Communications Service Provider by geographic reach in the Asia Pacific region. Pacific Internet started in 1991 as TechNet, the research and development network of the National University of Singapore. In 1999, the company listed on NASDAQ and continued to further expand its footprint in South Asia and into Australia. The company delivers a comprehensive suite of Internet data, voice and video services to corporate business and consumer customers.

The synergy

Fuelling Pacnet’s growth are synergies reaping from the merger of the two companies. As one of Asia Pacific’s premier providers of broadband, the company has unique assets that are not easily replicable.

With the two companies merged together as one, Pacnet can now offer solutions for retail consumers, Fortune 500 companies, as well as service the wholesale carrier market.


Value Propositions - Why choose Pacnet?

5 key value propositions that drive service quality and customer satisfaction

We are Asia Pacific’s leading submarine cable network

Pacnet's EAC-C2C network is the region’s largest privately-owned submarine cable system, spaning 36,800 kms between Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore and China. This state-of-the-art cable system features a total design capacity of 10.24 Tbps.

We deliver a next generation core network platform

Pacnet has initiated an upgrade of its integrated EAC-C2C core network platform with ASON (Automatically Switched Optical Network) and GMPLS (Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching), which will enable a new set of features such as meshed protection on the optical layer, auto-provisioning and optimized routing of traffic to support latency-sensitive applications such as video and IPTV.

We are all about customer care

Pacnet’s customer care for SMEs, and in the Carriers and Enterprise space, has swept customer service awards and industry analysts’ recognition across the region. Recent accolades include Asia Pacific Customer Service Recognition of Excellence 2007, Best Contact Center Champion of the Year, 2007 and Best Contact Center Champion at the 2007 CCAS International Contact Center Awards.

We are Asia, and the ‘on-ramp’ to Asia from anywhere in the world

Pacnet operates under a focused business strategy with an emphasis on driving technology innovation and service excellence. As the only independent service provider in the region, Pacnet excels at being nimble, with the ability to quickly react and take advantage of changing market conditions, select the most suitable solution for our customers, and at the best commercial terms. Our independence also means a clear investment and product strategy designed to enhance our capabilities and add value for our customers at all levels of the market.