Schloeffel General Services supports the idea of regular maintenance being carried out on all computer networks.  This maintenance is vital for everyday use and working of a computer network, whether it be two or more computers.

The reason for maintenance is like all mechanical equipment, if not regularly  checked they breakdown.  In the case of computer equipment, if not regularly check you may lose your very important data. This could lead to major problems.

SGS can tailor a maintenance plan to suit your needs.  We come out to do maintenance checks and tell you what is on the system, and what programs that each computer is running .  We tailor a maintenance plan to suite you, and each time we do this we give you a full report on each computer within the system.

You may ask why?

Over the years we at SGS have had many calls about computers being in trouble, and found that with a simple maintenance plan the problem would not have happened.  We have had many places lose data and this has put them at a loss, no backup was done and some times the hard drive is so badly damaged we are unable to get the data of it.

Not only do we maintain your equipment but we also supply technical advice to assist your staff in understanding the computer and software that is on it.

Within our computer maintenance program we have a helpdesk number for you and your staff to call.  Any problem that is deemed urgent by SGS will be made priority and have a 2 hour priority time assigned.

Call us now to check our maintenance plan.