The meaning of networking is to share and communicate within a system like the computers system, being two or more computers working together. This can be found all over the world, whether it be in homes or in business, playing games or sharing information.  The ease of sharing information these days can help businesses in many ways, but can also destroy businesses. 

A lot of small companies cannot afford a full time IT Department.  This is where small businesses can and often come unstuck with the new technology we have in the world today.  Schloeffel General Services can offer small businesses an IT Department without a large cost of running it.  You may ask why I need this. 

Within the modern day communication system computer networks play a large role.  The computer is not just a word processor or to do spread sheets and other tasks, the computer system works with the office communication system.

You may ask why do I need all of this.  The answer is this type of system will help your company to grow and to keep pace with modern technology.  We at Schloeffel General Services can and will assist you understand all of the modern technology. 

SGS have their own cabling section and this is why we can give you a full detail network because we build them from the ground up.