You may ask why do I require security?

With either at home or in the office and with the new technology, we have the threat of someone taking your Identity and your belongings is a big threat these days.

Computer security is a process of preventing and detecting a unauthorized use of your computer.  Prevention measure to help you from having unauthorized users from accessing any part of your computer system.  If they were successful it would show what they have done.

The taking of your details or using your computer for illegal use it can cost you many hours of time and  inconvenience, and have your computer out of action.

SGS can help you to look after your computer system not only with maintenance but with regular updates of antivirus and other systems, that can  help keep your computer system in top working order.

We also supply and fit cameras to your house and office so you are able to look over the internet  to check on your belongings .

This gives you peace of mind that all is safe, and you are not at risk from losing anything and your family is safe.

So just call us at SGS and we can help you with your security issue.