At Schloeffel General Services we have trainers that can assist you to understanding  the software you use everyday, and also the use of the computer system.

When we install a new software or network, we train you and your staff on how to use it, and what is the best way of working the software or equipment you now have.

We can come to your place of work or home to train you in what you require to learn.   Our help desk is always being called to assist people to use EMAIL, EXCEL AND  WORD.

People need to know the better way to use the internet, and what is required we can train you in many ways to help you with the computer world.

You may ask why do I require training? 

At Schloeffel General Services, we are always keeping up with the latest programs for our customers.  Instead of reading those thousands of pages, we can put it in simple terms for you. Ensuring that your System is running at full capacity.

We can Tailor a training Solution for yourself and your Staff.

After Installing a new system or software we training you and your staff in how to use it more effectively.

At SGS we teach you to look after the computer, and do maintenance on the computer to save you time and money.